Healthy Weight Loss

One of the best ways to improve your health and  lose weight is to engage in intermittent fasting.   That means eating with in an 8 hour time frame and two meals.   For example someone intermittent fasting would eat at 12 pm for the first meal of the day and then again at  6 pm.    There would be no snacking between the meals.

Undertaking intermitten fasting helps control insulin levels which is paramount for burning fat; when insulin levels are high the body chemistry prevents the burning of fat.   Conversely,  when insulin levels are low the body can burn fat.  Indeed, most of the fat is burned when you are sleeping and going to bed hours after you eat helps facilitate and allow your body to burn fat.

This takes discipline but will not only help you lose you weight but generally improve your health and enhance your chances of staving off diabetes and other diseases.

To amp up weight loss potential,   you can also look at adding Ketosis or a Keto Diet where carbohydrate consumption in terms of breads, sugars and starchy foods.

The second way to ratchet up and really get maximum leverage of in terms of  weight loss from intermittent fasting is with explosion power training.  This type of resistant training builds muscle and burns fat  in an unrivalled manner.

By stepping up with intermittent fasting, a keto diet and power resistant training  weight loss will ensue, but not only that,  you should experience increased energy and and a general feeling of well being.








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